Industry Support

The Automotive, Diesel, Machine Tool and Welding Programs receive considerable support from local industry. Many companies actively participate on our Advisory Committees, hire our students and graduates, and donate equipment and supplies.

Advisory committees have multiple purposes. A primary role is to inform the College and faculty about the workforce skill needs of a specific industry. Each occupational certificate has an industry advisory committee comprised of individuals who, by virtue of their day-to-day contact with their own area of specialization, are best qualified to recommend to the college the types of skills and knowledge that students need to learn. Curriculum, developed and updated as a result of recommendations from advisory committees, provides students with a program of academic and practical instruction that is essential to job entry. Advisory committees also play a key role in offering input related to program facility and equipment needs, providing job leads, and hosting internships for students.

We are always seeking new members for our advisory committees. If you would be interested in finding out more about becoming a member, please contact us.

Automotive - David Lemmer (707) 535-3772

Diesel - Jesse Kosten (707) 522-2601

Machine Tool - Bill McCraken (707) 527-4488

Welding - Danny Aschwanden (707) 527-4379

ITT Admin - Tera Hruby (707) 527-4757