The SRJC is not in charge of the California State Referee Program.

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The Smog Check Referee Program is a statewide network of stations that provide resources to consumers and Smog Check inspectors.

Program Background

The mission of the Smog Check Referee Program is to demystify the smog check process for California motorists and ultimately improve air quality throughout the state. 

A collaborative effort between the Bureau of Automotive Repair and the Foundation for California Community Colleges, the Smog Check Referee Program provides Californians with a vast array of smog check and vehicle resources. Referee stations have the equipment and training necessary to inspect and test vehicles other stations are not authorized to test, and operate by standards set by the state of California.

Goals of the Smog Check Referee program include:

  • Helping California motorists obtain smog check certificates.

  • Enhancing California‚Äôs air quality through reducing smog-forming emissions.

  • Testing vehicles other stations do not have the equipment to test.

  • Helping consumers locate hard-to-find parts needed for smog repairs.

  • Training automotive students interested in careers as Smog Check Technicians.


The Foundation for California Community Colleges is the official foundation of the California Community Colleges' Board of Governors and Chancellor's Office and is a unique 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides effective services and innovative solutions for the largest higher education system in the nation.

The Student Technician Training Program provides training for over 100 students each year in the automotive industry. This on-the-job paid training experience gives students the skills needed to become successful smog check technicians.

The Bureau of Automotive Repair  is a consumer agency responsible for administering the Smog Check program, which assists the people of California with repairing their vehicles to meet emissions standards. BAR is completely separate from the Department of Motor Vehicles.